[ News of Foreway ]The 2014(fourth times) Customer Annual Meeting for hatchery of Foreway company wa


The 2014(fourth times) Customer AnnualMeeting for hatchery of Foreway company was held on December 5-6 in Weifangcity.

There are about 100 persons of 40enterprises ,including leaders and chargers of hatchery attending this meeting.In order to spread advanced technology of hatchery, enhance mutual purposeexperience of meeting peers,Foreway arranged experts and special subject lectures of technologyof hatching, integration of hatchery construction, environment control ofhatchery,automated machines for hatchery and Immunity .And also some talkingare going on.By ways of connection, Foreway get lots of opinions and suggestionof customers.

After attending the two compact daysmeeting, the Participants get lots of rewards. And the meeting of the sameindustry ,made the communication more meticulous, more deeper,more broader.The meeting narrowed the distance between us and the customers, and increasedthe friendship ,and also had benefit for the work in future.

The annual meeting was the base forcommunication and the link for friendship. The annual meeting will be the startfor work of us every year. We will try our best to hold the meeting every year.